Modern Dwell House Numbers

Modern Dwell House Numbers

Modern House Numbers

Your new home or project is almost finished, and now is the time to add the finishing touches. Whether you want to add curb appeal to the project or give it a unique personality, our modern house numbers/letters will give you that opportunity. We offer affordable modern house numbers and letters from recycled architectural grade aluminum for both your residential and commercial projects. 

Each modern house number/letter comes with a brushed finish and clear protective coating. Our modern house numbers and letters are cut using our own waterjet cutter. Installation hardware, mounting template, and easy-to-follow instructions are also included with every house numbers/letters order.

Custom orders are always welcome. We can cut virtually any font and size. We ship our products worldwide to individual home owners, architects, builders (both residential and commercial), and commercial property management companies.


Here's a few comments from our customers.

You know they’re good when people stop on the street to comment on them!

Newburyport, MA

Very awesome numbers! Thanks! A+ super excited with purchase.

Elmhurst, NY

Great looking house numbers, great quality...

Miami, FL

Numbers well made, packing/ instructions precise- super!

Boca Raton, FL

Love these numbers!

Indianapolis, IN

Yeay! They're great. Thanks so much!

South Kensington, London United Kingdom


NEW Bronze powder coated modern numbers. CLICK HERE

NEW installation video avaliable now. CLICK HERE

Just released - Monderndwellnumbers APP now avaliable on the iTunes app store.

modern house numbers app

The modern style house number App let’s you put house numbers on a picture of your home to find the perfect fit. Choose from a variety of sleek, modern fonts and colors to turn your address into a work of art.

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Powder coating avaliable on all modern house numbers and letters.